Definitive price estimation can be given only after personal clinical and radiographic examination.

First visit, treatment plan free  
Intraoral radiogram 20 EUR  
Bite-wing radiogram 16-32 EUR  

Oral hygienic treatment

Scaling 77 EUR  
Aesthetic dentistry
Home bleaching 315 EUR  
Zoom – in surgery bleaching 610 EUR  
One tooth bleaching 69 EUR  
Tooth jewels 69 EUR plus material fee
Ceramic veneer 346 EUR  
All ceramic crown 366 EUR  
Cercon crown 466 EUR  

Restorative dentistry

Composite filling 69-100 EUR  
Incisive edge reconstruction 106 EUR  
Glass-ionomer filling 69-100 EUR  
Fissure sealing 39 EUR  
Milk-tooth treatment 37 EUR  
Root canal treatment 100-201 EUR  
Milk-tooth rootcanal treatment 33 EUR  

Prosthodontic treatments

Core build up 69-136 EUR  
Cast metal post and core 89 EUR plus impression
Porcelain fused to metal crown and pontic 244-268 EUR plus impression
Porcelain fused to metal crown on implant 293 EUR plus impression
Metal free crowns 325-488 EUR plus impression
Acrilic fused to metal crown and pontic 163 EUR plus impression
Acrllic crown 26 EUR plus impression
Metal crown 244 EUR plus impression
Aesthetic inlays 293-305 EUR plus impression
Gold inlay 292 EUR plusz anyagár
Temporary crown 20 EUR  
Full denture 528 EUR  
RPD with metal framework 293 EUR plus fixed part
Retentive elements 203-285 EUR pro pieces
RPD with plastic base 53 EUR plus fixed part
Acrillic tooth for RPD 49 EUR pro teeth
Impression 28 EUR  

Oral surgery

Milk tooth extraction 28 EUR  
Milk tooth root extraction 28 EUR  
Extraction 49-96 EUR  
Surgical extraction 100-110 EUR  
Resectio 175 EUR  
Implatntation 488 EUR plus material fee
Material fee of implants 419-467 EUR  

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